Update from Ron Powell, April 26, 2022

Dear Senior Life Family,

These last few weeks have been extremely busy. As we’ve worked outside the walls of the home office, thank YOU for all the work you’ve done inside to help and support our customers and agents.

  • Our executive recruiting team (Robert Shiver, Mitch Conner and Zack Philips) has been hard at work traveling across the country, working on the front lines recruiting and training new agents. Zack has most recently been working in Arkansas and Michigan. Mitch has spent time in California and Utah, and Robert is currently in North Carolina.
  • Our marketing team recently drove to Texas to help us put on a big event in Houston.
  • This week we have several prospective agents coming in. Please always give any visitors you see a warm welcome to the home office! This is vital in showing them who we are as a company, and I really appreciate your help in this.
  • This coming weekend some of us are traveling to Miami and Ft.Lauderdale for a recruiting meeting for Doug Blake and Julio Otano.
  • We are also preparing for our first agent-incentive trip of the year that’s coming up in North Carolina.

The work we do outside the office wouldn’t be possible without what you do inside every single day. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Senior Life. We are continuing to set records!

Keep up the outstanding work!

Ron Powell
President and CEO