The Agent Support Team is AMAZING!

Bobbi Lamon shares: “I had the pleasure of speaking with Kandace Murphy, and agent in Indiana that contracted with us back in January of this year. She expressed so much gratitude and absolutely let the kudos rain down about the Agent Support team. She stated that Ms. Alyce is phenomenal and loves speaking with her when she calls in because she is so helpful and makes the call fun! She further stated that Kim, Lauren, and “the Amandas” (Amanda G. and Amanda C.) are so knowledgeable and she knows that not only will she receive an answer to her question, but she will also receive an explanation as to why it is the way it is. Lastly, she wanted to thank me and others that helped build such a great team to provide agent support and services. She said she is very grateful to be a part of a Company that really molds their departments to serve specific needs.
Great job!!!”