Savannah Yancey’s Claims Team: Improving People’s Lives

Our company makes huge impacts on families across the country, and here’s an example: I received a call earlier from a beneficiary who just lost her sister.  Needless to say, she was emotional and really still processing her loss.  She wanted to call simply to thank Senior Life for how quickly and professionally her claim was processed.  She told me that her friends had all cautioned her that insurance companies don’t really pay their claims and that she shouldn’t rely on that money.  She was afraid of intentional delays or unresponsive representatives.  What she found with Senior Life was the exact opposite.  Her claims representatives treated her with care and kindness and had the insurance proceeds in her hand the day after she reported her sister’s passing.  She was extremely impressed with Senior Life, and specifically with Savannah’s team of claims professionals.  Great job, folks!  Your work improves people’s lives when they are hurting and feel powerless.