Update from Ron Powell, March 1, 2022

Dear Senior Life Family, 


We are ramping up our efforts across the board this year, and I am pumped up for what’s happening here at the home office. Here are some exciting announcements that YOU have helped make happen in the first two months of 2022: 


  • February was OUR BEST ISSUE MONTH IN ALL OF COMPANY HISTORY at $4,391,768.36!!  It was also our best February production in company history by 33 percent. This puts us on track to supersede our goals for 2022, and it is AWESOME! 


  • We’ve moved the Direct to Consumer department out to the SLS building where Marketing currently resides. The Leads department will be moving out there next week. This is great news, because it means there will be room to shift some things around and make more room for the additional employees we need. 


  • Our Employee Sales department has also been moved and has joined the Direct Sales team upstairs starting TODAY!!  Exciting news Alek Champ, he  is joining the Employee Sales Leadership. We are excited for this growth opportunity for him!


  • We continue to grow our Spanish-department, and we continue to need your help. If you know any Spanish speakers who would be a great fit at Senior Life, please let your director know, and a special thanks to our Spanish-speaking representatives who are working hard every day to help us in this area. Thanks especially to Alicia Martinez, Marian Rincon, Sonia Serrano, and Katelyn Sotomayor, who have translated more of their share of information over the past weeks, many times at the very last minute. You are greatly appreciated! 


  • This past weekend we had a big meeting with Senior RVP’s and key Senior Life stakeholders as we discussed expanding into the Senior healthcare market in the upcoming weeks. If you happen to receive any questions from agents, please refer them to their upline until we are able to communicate more details in the upcoming weeks.  


Finally, please be sure to welcome any special guests you see at the office this week. We have a lot of visitors coming in and out through the rest of the week, including Chris Martin from Denver here on site today and tomorrow.


I want to thank the entire home office staff in helping make Senior Life the best Senior company in the USA. Thank you for working hard on the daily staff development and taking it seriously. It’s making a difference, as was evident when one of our RVP’s stood up on Saturday and stated how great our home office staff have been on the phone lately. 


Have a great week!


Ron Powell

President and CEO


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