Rev. Dr. Gary Brady Speaks to Senior Life Staff

We were really excited to welcome Thomasville Native, the Rev. Dr. Gary Brady, to Senior Life on January 28. Dr. Brady brought down the house with his talk on Five Practical Steps as a Player in Life!

  1. Hustle: move hurriedly and urgently in a specified direction. We only had 48 minutes to play, so we needed to make every moment count. In life, this means … count your days. They are numbered. Use them wisely. Life is not about longevity, it is about quality.
  2. Know the playbook!During play, we didn’t have time to do our research on the field. When you get on the field, you need to know the plays, know the rules. (My playbook is the Bible, God’s holy Word.) And, I recommend all of us be acquainted with this book, for after-life insurance! In every business, the playbook is sacred. The insurance playbook….(The Official Guide for Selling Insurance for New Agents/Duford) Maybe you have another — but you should read it, memorize it, sleep with it, and know the industry!
  3. Stay low. In football, “low man wins.” Proper stance, firing off the ball, getting proper positioning on the opponent, and driving the defender in the direction of your choice…is all important. But in life, this translates into HUMILITY. Remain humble. In other words, don’t “toot your own tooter and sing your own praises.” Let others praise you instead.
  4. Play reckless. Cause some wrecks. Play as if you are part of a demolition team. Translated into your business, this means: BE ALL IN. Live with determination. Go all  out! Give it all you’ve got.
  5. Keep Your Motor Running. When you think the play is dead, “it ain’t.”  The best time for injuries is just before or just after the whistle blows. So, stay alert, keep watch, don’t relax until the game has ended. This means be aware of possible injury or assault that could come in the least expected time. Watch your back, and watch your teammate’s back.

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