Jessica Sadler Listens and Serves!

My name is Tess W. I spoke with Mrs. Jessica Sadler earlier today regarding my mothers life policy which has been terminated for non payment due to her dementia and someone stealing her social security funds since February of this year.

Jessica was so professional and patient as she listened to me carry on about our situation. I felt the need to contact you and sing her praises. I’ve spoken to at least 10 different insurance companies today in regards to the numerous policies that my mother took out over the past two months. Each rep, other than Jessica at Sr Life, were so automated and obviously could care less about our situation.

But Jessica was very different. Even though there was no solution for her to offer me to meet a deadline of tomorrow (my mothers policy has lapsed for two months due to nonpayment caused by the theft of her SSI) to report a life insurance policy to Medicaid, she patiently listened to me and my ramblings. I was at my end with contacting 20 plus insurance companies to figure out which one policy was eligible to reinstate and get confirmation by 6/23/22 to provide to Medicaid by their deadline.

Jessica was a breath of fresh air after spending so much time speaking with the other insurance companies that my mom had unknowingly opened life policies with. Jessica was so pleasant. She didn’t offer anything that could not be produced within the time frame that we need and was clear about the timeline and process to apply to reinstate my moms policy. She did not make any false promises but simply listened and responded to me with utmost respect.

As a Professional, Successful, Business Consultant , I can tell you that Jessica is a jewel within your organization. I highly recommend to train her and move her to management position sooner rather than later. I can even see her being successful in higher positions than management.

Thank you for taking the time to read my recommendation. Please confirm receipt of this email.