Howard Partridge Inspired Home Office Staff on February 25!

We were thrilled to welcome the world renowned speaker and motivator, Howard Partridge, as he spoke to home office staff on February 25.

Howard kicked off the beginning of our study of his book, FTI: Failure to Implement. His talk was centered around the ideas of the book, which is that we all want to be a phenomenal success in life and business. He talked about the four keys to implementing this into our own lives:

  • Inspiration: Stay inspired by feeding your mind what’s pure, positive and powerful every day.
  • Organization: Organization means there is a place for everything. You have your goals and plans organized so you can effectively take action on those goals and plans every day.
  • Training: Training breeds confidence. When you know that you know something, you can move forward with more confidence. When you have doubt, you’ll hesitate.
  • Community: The biggest key to implementation is to have the support, encouragement and accountability from a community of people who care about your success.

Click here for the recap video of the event!