Exciting Home Office Updates!


As you know, Senior Life is experiencing exponential growth! And with growth, comes change. I love the quote that says, “Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.” Knowing that, I’m excited to announce some organizational changes that will help us operate more effectively so we are better able to serve our policyholders and agents.

Justin Calhoun is joining the Executive Team and is now the Director of Inside Sales. Inside Sales will include both Direct Sales and Employee Sales, and here’s the breakdown of leadership under Justin:

  • Gareth Pyle: Training Director
  • Scott Hairston Director of Life Sales
  • Blake Love: Director of Life Sales
  • Nic Eaton: Director of Medicare Sales
  • Emmett Duck: Team Leader
  • Wesley Myers: Employee Sales Director
  • Alek Champ: Employee Sales Manager

Other changes, reporting to Karen Boyd, are as follows:

  • Kristie Mock joins us as the new Director of Human Resources.
    •      Soon joining us will be a new Benefits Coordinator.
  • Frank Funderburk is the Director of Quality Assurance in the new Agent Compliance Department
    •      Reporting to Frank will be:
      • Danielle Sizemore, Manager of Business Retention
    • Cancellations Department employees
  • Susan Gasque is the Director of Financial Compliance, Accounting.
    •      Reporting to Susan will be:
      • Shelley Holt, Manager of Accounting
      • Fiscal Department employees
  • Sarah Kelly is the Director of Meetings and Events
  • Marsha Twilley is the Director of Corporate Communications and Professional Development in the new Communications Department
    •      Reporting to Marsha is the front desk staff and mail center employees.
    •      Charles Ruise joins the communications team as the Mail Center Supervisor.
  • James Twilley is the Director of Facilities and Maintenance
    •      Reporting to James will be:
      • Delena Diggs, Manager of Facilities
  • Bobbi Lamon is now the Head of Operations.
    •      Reporting to Bobbi will be:
      • Jonathan Rossi, Director of Underwriting
      • Savannah Yancey, Director of Claims
      • Robert Jones, Director of Licensing
      • Amanda Gonzalez, Manager of Agent Support
      • Kim Pollock, Supervisor of Agent Support
      • Alicia Martinez, Manager of Spanish Support
      • Katelyn Sotomayer, Manager of Customer Support
  • Marcia Reis is now the Director of Information Technology
    •      Davin Harrell, Information Technology, Operations Manager
    •      Harsh Dhabhai, Lead Mobile/Web Developer

Lastly, with all our growth, I just want to reiterate that Robert Shiver and Mitch Conner continue as Senior Vice Presidents of Outside Sales and Zack Philips continues in his role as Vice President of Outside Sales.

growing company, is a changing company! Thank you for your adaptability, leadership, focus and continued hard work as we go about making Senior Life the #1 final expense company in the country!

Most Sincerely,

Karen Boyd, Chief Operating Officer