employee announcements

Wedding Bells are Ringing!!!

Congrats to Recruiting’s Daija McClenney, now Daija Freeman, on her marriage to Kameron Freeman on September 23! Daija and Kameron met through his parents at her previous job and their family church (he’s a Pastor’s Kid!). They will be taking their honeymoon in March where they’ll be going on a cruise the day after his Wedding Bells are Ringing!!!

Thanks to Shannon Huewitt!

One conversation with Shannon Huewitt in Underwriting is all it takes to know that she is passionate about what she does, and  she cares about clients. Agents Mary Ann Wallace and Kasey Turner have both expressed how grateful they are for her professionalism, detailed guidance and information. Thank you Shannon for being an explemplary role Thanks to Shannon Huewitt!

Congrats to Dawn Keister on TEN YEARS!

On any given day if you peer into the Market Compliance Office, you’ll find it’s lead by the one and only Dawn Keister. Dawn’s fierce desire to serve people well while confronting very difficult situations head-on is one of her amazing traits! Market compliance ensures that Senior Life’s  marketing, advertising, and content follow rules and Congrats to Dawn Keister on TEN YEARS!

Leads Team Breaks Record!!!

The Lead Department hit a new record for leads sent out this past week (8/12-8/18) of 10,560 leads!! We could not do this without every single member of our team. This is such an incredible accomplishment and we are hoping to continue breaking records with our team of hardworking individuals.   Lead Department, Wade and Leads Team Breaks Record!!!

Claims Department Fights for Families Every Day

Whether you see it or not, Claims is always at war. Fighting for the families who have lost loved ones and fulfilling the promise of Senior Life. On Fridays, Claims will be dressed in Camo. We’ve got our sights set and have impeccable aim. We are here HELPING & HUSTLING!

Claims Team Takes Time for Lunch Outing Together!

We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch outing. It’s a chance for us to step back, laugh, and fellowship with our work family. All of their efforts and the hard work they put in daily does not go unnoticed. We have a wonderful team and we are continuously striving to be the BEST OF THE BEST!